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It can be easy to get caught up in the emotional whirlwind of an accident that left you disabled or injured. We understand there are immediate medical issues that victims of negligence must assess. More often than not, however, focusing on treating your injuries will mean that you must take precious time off from work, or in some cases, leave work forever.

If you are stuck in a situation where you are in need of financial assistance due to a disability, you must enlist the help of a skilled Kentucky SSD attorney. At the Kirk Law Firm, PLLC, we are well-versed in the complexities and nuances of the laws that surround social security disability benefits. We work hard so that you can receive the money you need to continue to live comfortably and in good health.

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Disability: Strictly Defined by the Government

If an injury or illness has prevented you from returning to your job, you could qualify for financial compensation from the government. This monthly financial aid is known as Social Security Disability (SSD). Unfortunately, receiving the financial assistance you need is not as easy as one would wish.

In the eyes of the United States Social Security Administration (SSA), you may only receive SSD benefits if you meet certain requirements. Because Social Security only pays for total disability, the definition of total disability under Social Security is more specific than other programs.

The SSA defines disability as:

  • You are unable to do work that you were capable of doing before
  • You cannot adjust to other work due to your medical condition(s)
  • Your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year
  • Your disability will or is likely to result in death

The Social Security program also assumes that families will have access to other financial resources. Unfortunately, this assumption has isolated countless families in Kentucky, leaving many with no way to pay for basic needs. Even during periods of short-term disability, including benefits from workers' compensation, it may not be enough to offset day to day expenses of life.

When Should I Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

SSD cases can drag on and on, and many initial applications are denied. For these reasons, we recommend filing an application as soon as possible.

Most SSD claimants will be eligible to file an application:

  • The day after they stop working; or
  • The day after their earnings fall below the substantial gainful activity (SGA) guideline set forth by the SSA. As of 2019, this amount is $1,220/month.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Decision?

Depending on the situation, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to one to two years for you to get approval for disability benefits. Generally speaking, you are more likely to receive a faster decision if you have a more severe disability, but we can offer you guidance and information based on your unique situation when you call for a consultation.

What Should I Do if My Claim is Denied?

About 70% of initial SSD claims are denied by the Social Security Administration. Do not despair if your claim was not approved the first time around. You have the right to appeal the decision, and our Kentucky SSD attorneys can help you review the circumstances surrounding your denial to see how we can help you seek the benefits you need. We can also consider other options for benefits if you are ineligible.

Helping Victims Regain Their Footing After an Accident

Do you think you are eligible for SSD? Contact a Kentucky Social Security Disability lawyer at Kirk Law Firm, PLLC today and schedule a free case evaluation. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your case to determine if you are eligible. If you do not qualify for this specific type of financial assistance, we can guide you toward other legal alternatives that are better suited for helping you achieve your personal goals and objectives.

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