Hagar Hill residents allege damages from mining; sue Johnson-Floyd Coal Co.


PAINTSVILLE – Carl and Billie Butcher and Ronnie and Irene Gamble, residents of Hagar Hill, have filed a civil action in the Johnson Circuit Court seeking payment for damages from johnson-Floyd Coal Company for damages to their homes allegedly caused by blasting and other mining activities of Johnson-Floyd Coal Company. The action also alleges that the plaintiffs have been denied loss of use and enjoyment of their homes and have alleged that the company's actions are "grossly negligent" and that "punitive damages" should be paid. The suit does not demand a specific amount of damages. The lawsuit was filed by Kyle Salyer, attorney at Kirk Law Firm.

"We don't like to sue," Ronnie Gamble said, "but we had no choice. This big company was ruining our home," he added.

Johnson-Floyd Coal Company has extensive mining operations in Johnson County.

Susan L. Maines, a Lexington attorney with the firm of Casey, Bailey & Maines, has filed a response for the company that denies the allegations of damages and states that if plaintiffs' property has been damaged that the damage is "the sole and proximate results of contributory negligence on the part of the plaintiffs" or that the damages were caused "by a third party" or resulted from "an Act of God."